Traveling For Business – Want to Go Light, What Should I Take?

If you do a lot of business traveling for conferences, seminars, and meetings, it makes sense to travel light. The lighter you travel the easier it is to get on off aircraft, in and out of taxi cabs, in and out of the super shuttles, and through the hotel lobbies. It is also easier when you rent a Rent-A-Car if you are traveling light. Not long ago, I was discussing this with an acquaintance of mine in the IT business, they do a tremendous amount of traveling.

Indeed, they said to me that they’ve been busy the last few days at their office and at home preparing for their next trip. The reality is you should be able to pack your things within 10 minutes and go, you should not need to prepare or anything, no prepping is required. There are certain things you must not forget for instance; don’t forget your “charging plugs” – Laptop, and cell phone. You should have a checklist, 3 X 5 index card taped to the inside of your laptop back or travel on luggage. That’s what I do.

If you are traveling for personal business, or going on a retreat to catch your breath, and perhaps, come back into psychological balance; you know, the old mind, body, and Spirit rejuvenation type vacation then you will probably be leaving your laptop and smart phone at home. Most people these days don’t believe they can get by without their smart-phone, so they take that with them too. In this case then you won’t need your charging plugs, so ditch that advice. But if you are really going unplugged, you need to ditch the cell phone too.

Now then, there is a big difference between traveling for business, and traveling for personal. Some people just can’t be out of the pocket that long because they have too many responsibilities at work. But in this new day and age of fast-paced business travel, you have to go light, or you shouldn’t go at all. If you are taking a complete entourage with you, which is the case if you are doing group collaborative consulting, high-powered meetings, or if you are going to run your entire company on the road, then you need to encourage all the people on your team to also travel light.

Perhaps you should make little checklist for everyone, put them on laminated 3 x 5 index cards, and have them tape these cards to the inside of their luggage, this way no one is traveling without the things they need, and that means no one on the team will slow you down. The worst thing in the world for an executive is to have members of their entourage with personal issues, without their supplies, or without the things they need to do their job for you. Indeed, hope you will please consider this.

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The Advantages of a Travel Agent Business Opportunity

If you are looking for a new career in the travel industry, then first you may want to consider a travel agent business opportunity. There are many reasons that this type of career may be a great one for you. First of all, if you enjoy travel, then you will surely love the job. Travel agents usually take care of the details involved with planning vacations and travel adventures for others. They are also able to get some pretty sweet deals on travel arrangements for themselves as well!

You may wonder what you are likely to make when you work in this field. Well, that is entirely up to you and how much you choose to put into the career. If you are working to make a decent living, then you will want to put some effort into it. Most of the time, the amount of money that you will make will be dependent on the amount of knowledge and experience that you have in the subject. It will also depend on the qualifications that you have obtained. The best part about it is the fact that you will be working in a fast-paced and rewarding field, and if you love travel, then you are a head above the rest!

A travel agent business opportunity may be just the thing for you if you have an interest in traveling and the many other exciting aspects that come along with it. You will likely be able to travel to other areas and still make money while you are at it! Sometimes, when you are working in this field, you will find yourself spending a significant amount of time working away from home. This is something that you should prepare yourself for should you decide to go for this type of career.

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Start Your Own Travel Club Business

Are you looking for a business opportunity to earn some extra cash each month? Do you love to travel? Maybe you should start a travel club business. These are opportunities for ordinary people to join a travel membership centered around discounted travel. They can offer deep discounts on airfare, car rentals, accommodations, and more. You can earn commissions on sales of travel products and memberships. You will help people save money on all kinds of vacation travel. In addition, you have access to travel discounts for your own family.

The first step is to decide if you want to start a new travel membership or if you want to join into business with an already existing company. The benefit to starting your own club is that you reap all the profits, but it can involve an investment of time and money. The start-up time before earning any profit could be lengthy. Though you surrender some profits to the company that you join, becoming a part of an already existing travel club business offers perks like established websites, marketing methods, reputation, and established relationships with travel providers.

Travel clubs work on two basic principles: the travel providers offer travel discounts because the club saves them in advertising money and the buying power of a group of people can purchase vacation experiences in bulk to offer deep discounts to the member base. If you are starting on your own, you will need to create a business name, gain permits, and recruit travel companies to offer discounts on air travel, car rentals, hotels, resorts, condos, and more. An established company can offer all of these things already set up. Some offer positions as sales associates while others are in a multi-level marketing formula of business. In this format, you can earn not only commissions for membership sales, but also bonuses for recruiting team members.

No matter which route you choose for running your travel club business, you will want to advertise your travel club and recruit members. Growing your club is the number one way to make a profit. Some travel clubs have a wide focus and some are specific to a type of travel or a destination. Use your passion for travel to recruit others to the travel club. The benefits of vacations with loved ones are many, including building relationships, relaxing, rejuvenating, and creating lifelong memories. Making these experiences a reality for those with a limited income is a valuable goal.

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