Business Travel – How To Stay In Shape When Traveling On Business

Business travel can be very demanding. Being away from home for long periods of time, spending a lot of time in hotels and airports and working really hard are all things that come with the job. While its demanding in every aspect the one area where it can affect you most is with your health and particularly your weight. If you’ve been doing any significant amount of business travel then you know just how easy it is to put on extra weight. Its a combination of the lifestyle and the lack of routine that is the main cause of gaining weight when you are traveling for business.

So, what can you do to still work hard and fulfill all your duties without gaining those much dreaded extra pounds? Here are a few simple tips that really works.

1. Eating Out
One of the main reasons why you will gain weight is because of your eating habits when you are on the road. With no real regular schedule its very easy to grab junk food out of convenience. While its inevitable at times, its important that you make a firm rule for yourself to not do it. You have a food allowance, so why not use it. Find proper restaurants to eat healthy and nutritious meals.

2. Drinks And Parties
Work functions, parties and drinks with clients are just part of traveling on business. The problem is that these festivities can take its toll. You need to set yourself some ground rules and try and have fun without overindulging. Excessive drinking plays a big part in gaining weight and you need to be aware of that at all times.

3. Hotels With Gyms
Exercise is critically important if you want to stay in shape while traveling. You cannot afford to live that lifestyle without regular exercise. Try and always find a hotel with a gym or at least a pool. Make a point to get at least 45 minutes of exercise every day. It will not only help you stay in shape but it will leave you feeling refreshed after a hard day or get you off to a jump start first thing in the morning.

Its important that you make a commitment to yourself that you intend to stay healthy despite a crazy busy schedule. Far too often the temptation of taking the easy way causes us to slip and fall into am unhealthy lifestyle.

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