Top 7 Items to Pack When Traveling on Business

Traveling on business is made much simpler when you know which top seven items to pack. You’ll want to consider what you need on a daily basis. You’ll also want to pack items for those hours or days when you’re not involved in business meetings and have free time to shop or explore the area.

Here are the top seven items to pack

1. Female travelers most likely will need to pack for three types of situations: business meetings, formal dinners, and time off. You will need to pack business suits or business casual attire, a dress for evening dinners, and casual clothes to wear during your time off or while walking through the hotel or resort.

Male travelers will need to pack a business suit and enough laundered shirts and ties as required for the length of the business trip and business meetings. Business casual or casual clothes may be packed for leisure time when not attending business functions.

One packing tip that will save you a lot of time and advanced planning is to pack two skirts or two pair of slacks in a solid color. Then pack multiple blouses or shirts that will work well with the slacks or skirts that you’ve decided to take along. By planning your wardrobe this way, you will be able to create multiple combinations of outfits that don’t take up very much room in your luggage.

2. Both men and women will need to pack at least one additional pair of shoes, and possibly sandals if traveling to a business meeting in a warm climate.

3. To avoid having to iron all of your clothes before your business meetings, either pack your clothes between layers of tissue paper or filmy laundry bags. This will eliminate most of the wrinkles that will appear in your clothes. If you have sufficient time once you arrive at your destination before your first business meeting, you can shop for a spray-on wrinkle remover product. The way it works is that you spray it on your clothes the night before and hang your garment on a hanger overnight. In the morning, 99 percent of the wrinkles will be gone.

4. Unless you’re required to bring your laptop computer to business meetings, it is best to leave it at home. If you own a cell phone such as an iPhone, Blackberry, or Android, you will be able to check your e-mail through the device. Your phone will allow you to stay current with most of your correspondence until you return back home. Some hotels do provide computers that you may use free of charge or for a small fee while you’re staying at their facility. Check this out with a quick phone call before you leave for your trip.

5. Be sure to pack your toiletry items in a plastic freezer-type zipped bag so you don’t have to worry about anything spilling on your belongings inside your luggage. Try not to take along the original containers. Most discount stores have plastic leak proof bottles and jars that will allow you to take along just enough shampoo or other items to last for a week.

6. You might also wish to pack duct tape, which is a great inexpensive resource for making all sorts of repairs, and it doubles as a lint brush to keep those business garments looking fresh and clean.

7. Finally, besides remembering to bring along your phone and camera charging cords, you also should plan to pack a small spiral notebook. Inside its pages, print out or enter important information, phone numbers, passwords, contact numbers, and names, in case for some reason you lose your cell phone. There’s nothing more maddening than not having access to your own private information.

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Pyxism Travel – The Fact About Travel Home Businesses

Ask yourself what Pyxism Travel is and you will find a home based business opportunity in the shape of a discount travel company. Very similar to a vacation club Pyxism Travel differentiates itself from the competition with its True Follow-Me Matrix. That means that the member follows its sponsor and the team always remains together.

Pyxism was launched in 2009 by Lloyd Wilson of San Clemente, California. Together with this business opportunity teamwork is extremely important and the members are required to follow a cycle that usually works faster and helps everyone who works at it make a lot more money. This is called Forced Matrix.

On the Pyxism Travel company plan there is a point that sais: each time the member’s direct referral cycles the Horizon Board he receives $1000 and the sponsor receives $1000! This guarantees that nobody will be left behind for a quick buck!

The commission structure is very innovative and there are travel certificates to top resorts throughout the world. We have been guaranteed that this is different from other vacation certificate agenda, with no black-out dates and real 4 and 5 star resorts.

The owner of Pyxism Travel business is called Lloyd Wilson. This a man with long-term vision and with a great business experience been in the network marketing business for over 12 years. Also, Lloyd Wilson has been part-owner in a travel based business since 2005.

Have you been in the network marketing for a while? I am sure you know what I am talking about! We strongly recommend you take a look at the Pyxism Travel. The business’s name is derived from the Constellation called Pyxis in the Southern Skies. Pyxis, short for Pyxis Nautica, is the Latin term for a mariner’s compass. The Pyxism motto is Travel, Prosperity and Integrity.

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