Travel Agent Business – Is Your Travel Agency Business Hurting You?

As a travel agent business owner, you may well be in the grips of a terrible disease –


1st very important question: “If you looked clearly at your past month at work, how many hours have you averaged per week at work?”

2nd very important question to maximize success: “How many hours did you spend per week working on the income producing side of your business?”

Working sixty or seventy or even eighty hours per week is not necessarily wrong. There are many great outcomes you can attribute to “hard work”. Short bursts of sustained effort can be just what are needed. But my challenge is if you are consistently working seventy plus hours a week, you are in reality sacrificing other areas of life continuously.

It maybe relationship or family time you end up sacrificing. It may be you are missing out on just getting enough rest and relaxation. You may be missing sporting or social events. And this insidious disease can keep going for years and year and years causing damage to every area except our work.

As a business coach I have seen this “disease” create unrest in many business owners lives. It is something we have to guard against and have a plan of attack to make sure the other important areas of life receive attention.

This survey below will give you a dose of reality around where you are right now with your work practices in your travel agent business.

How many hours a week do you work in your travel agent business?

a. Less than 25
b. 26 – 40
c. 41 – 50
d. 51 – 70
e. 71 or more

Do you work at all on weekends?

a. Never
b. A few times a year
c. Once a month
d. Most weekends
e. Always

How many holidays (excluding weekends) will you take this year?

a. More than fourteen days
b. 10 – 14 days
c. 5 – 9 days
d. 1 – 4 days
e. None

What is your personal income before tax?

a. Over $250,000 p/a
b. $150,000 – $249,999 p/a
c. $80,000 – $149,999 p/a
d. $40,000 – $ 79,999 p/a
e. Less than $40,000

In the past year, you have missed family/personal events due to work…

a. Never
b. Rarely
c. Occasionally
d. Regularly
e. Always

You put work ahead of pleasure and relaxation …

a. Never
b. Because you started business within the past year and are still setting up
c. Because you can’t afford to employ others at the moment
d. To save costs and beat competition, or because of price conscious customers
e. Because you’re the only one that can do the job properly

The toll your profession has taken on your personal life, now and in the past, includes…

a. None
b. Your free time
c. Your personal satisfaction
d. Your physical health
e. Your marriage or relationship

Your tombstone will no doubt say…

a. Party on
b. World’s best Parent and/or Partner
c. Achieved a great balance of work & play
d. Should have stopped and smelled the roses
e. Success at any cost

Now let us check your results

Let us add all your answers up using the following formula:

A = 0 points
B = 1 point
C = 2 points
D = 3 points
E = 4 points

15 to 32 points

Professional help is required for you to understand that life and travel agent business are two separate entities and having a plan of attack is crucial. The symptoms won’t go away on their own; regardless of how often you kid yourself it’s only for a few more weeks / months / years. You’re very likely on the brink of some serious trouble health wise and probably on the home front too. If you have a family… don’t be surprised if your house key doesn’t open the front door one day soon.

9 – 14 points

You are on your way to achieving balance but there is still a lot to do. You need to look at ways to improve each business activity and strategy to make sure your tactics achieve maximum effectiveness. Some simple changes will have a great effect on your time management and stress levels.

Get some help and encouragement to build your vision of the future from positive people such as your coach. See life after work, set a dollar value on your time and be aware of when you are doing tasks you could pay others less, to do.

5 – 8 points

You are doing well; you probably have systems in place to give you confidence that your team can complete tasks up to your standard. You have realised there is more to life than work, and that you only have one life made up of finite time and you want to make it count.

You have confidence that your clients get a great return on their investment and refuse to sabotage yourself with discounts and write-offs. Now is not the time to ‘lose the plot’, stay focussed and get an outside view of your business now and again as a ‘reality check’.

0 – 4 points

Congratulations: you are a true entrepreneur with an exceptional understanding of balance and what success in life is all about. That is working hard and enjoying all aspects of life and not letting your travel agent business become your only passion.
The important thing now is you are aware of where you are on the work/ life scale and can do something about rectifying any imbalance. Good luck.

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Five Top Ways to Find Perfect Travel Home Business

In the days when the travel industry is booming, everyone wants to have a piece of that trillion-dollar pie. Baby Boomers want to travel, retire with having more money, and help their kids financially. Baby Boomers have been looking for ways to create retirement plan, and some of them choose travel industry. Companies promoting travel discounts, travel agent programs, or just travel clubs are swiping the nation.

Among dozens of travel business opportunities, what is the best way to choose the best travel business?

There are few tips I would love to give when you are searching for the best fit.

First of all, you have to decide if you want to build MLM business or direct sales business. It could be from a home-based travel agent program to selling timeshares or travel club memberships. MLM model takes time to build so you need to be prepared to dedicate your first 12 months to build the foundation. However, if you are looking for the way to get paid today, which I call it “GET PAID TODAY MODEL”, then you need to look at the companies that offer commissions from 500 dollars to 5000 dollars and more.

Secondly, make sure the management team of the company has a good reputation in the business field, and also it is very important to remember that they do have travel professionals who will train you and assist you in becoming a travel agent professional. Ask questions about what kind of vendors they work with, what discounts travel agents get being with that particular company. Vendor Trainings are very vital in the travel agent business. Usually they are free, and it is best if they performed virtually in the comfort of your home.

The last question I would ask is the commissions you will receive. Make sure it is at least 60% of the booking fees. Also ask what percentage certain vendor pay to that particular company. Some vendors like Caribbean cruises pay 5-15% to the Travel Company and you get paid 60-70% out of that.

Third, find out what type of marketing they offer. Times changed and not many people want to do belly to belly networking. The technology allows now creating various pages, webinars, and online presentations to bring message to the audience. If you are an online person, you would not want to work with someone who does hotel meetings or home parties. You need to find the team that meets your goals and requirements and a sponsor who will guide and train you. Ask the person who introduced you to the business if you can attend the training calls, so you will know at what level of the professionalism it is done.

Fourth, make sure there is a value in what you do and offer to people. You are in the business of serving others and not ripping people off. Travel is exciting, and it attracts people of all ages. There is no convincing here. Anyone can do travel business if they love traveling. Also no matter how much the start up costs for your travel business, care about your prospects and show them you are interested in them. They might build you million-dollar business! Invest your time in others and help them because it will pay off in the long run.

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Benefits of a Travel Agent Business Opportunity

When it comes to starting your own business and working from home, few options are more rewarding and beneficial than a travel agent business opportunity. If you have not heard of it before, you will want to continue reading to find out what the benefits are to this type of opportunity.

One of the main benefits, of course, is the monetary gain. Travel agents who work from home usually make quite a bit of money very easily. You need not put in countless hours or invest a lot of money. It is not uncommon for a home travel agent to make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

Another of the great benefits is that you will be providing a valuable service. People will come to you to help plan their vacations and even honeymoons. You will be able to have pride in knowing that you are doing something that makes people happy. You are helping people with their dream vacations and getting paid for it at the same time. It’s not like some business opportunities where you know that you aren’t doing anything useful. With a travel agent business opportunity, you are always in control and will feel fulfilled with this job.

Most business opportunities relating to the world of travel allow you to learn a lot more than you already knew about the rest of the world. You will be knowledgeable about a variety of places around the globe and will almost feel as though you’ve been to these places.

With an online travel agent business opportunity, you can work from home on your own time and you can receive a wonderful income in the process. The above reasons are only a part of why a travel business might be your best option. You will never regret it, and you will have a lifetime of great things ahead of you.

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